Sustainable development

Restoration projects surrounding a number of the Yucatán’s haciendas—true architectural treasures that had been left in ruins by the middle of the twentieth century—and designed to return them to their original splendor, emerged from a desire to revitalize the surrounding communities, based on work involved in the repurposing of the properties themselves and later employment on hacienda teams.

Some of these haciendas are hotels operated by the Starwood Luxury Collection; other properties belong to the Private Villas and Haciendas group. Special staff training programs were created to guarantee superior service levels and today nearly 90% of all personnel are recruited locally.

The Haciendas del Mundo Maya, A. C. Foundation has created productive projects in order to promote micro-regional economic development that betters quality-of-life in and around hacienda communities. Such activities include:

• The generation of socio-economic development projects
• Supporting healthcare, education and sanitation projects
• Revitalizing cultural values that sustain and dignify Maya identity
• Protection of nature and the environment

These projects are planned and carried out in conjunction with the communities themselves, as part of an Integral Community Development Plan that incorporated the following areas:

• Primary healthcare as well as the rescue of traditional Maya herbal medicine
• Individual and family development
• Educational support and promotion
• Owner-involved housing rehabilitation
• Environmental conservation
• Productive activities driven by self-managed businesses
• Enhanced infrastructure