Art & Culture

Anfiteatro by James Turrell

Artist James Turrell has fashioned an amphitheatre for staging avant-garde performances in the center of a cave that forms part of a small cenote on Hacienda Ochil. Born in Los Angeles in 1943, Turrell is an internationally recognized light artist.

His work is based on extensive technical research as well as the study of human perception in relation to light, as well as expertise in the Maya calendar—certain of whose mysteries he attempts to resolve in a large-scale project, Roden Crater Turrell, designed to observe celestial movements and other phenomena.

Arte-hacienda (Hacienda as Art)

Not far from the Yucatán town of Izamal, Jorge Pardo is currently remodeling an entire hacienda in order to transform it into a unique objêt d’art.

Born in Havana in 1963 and currently based in California, Jorge Pardo straddles the borders between architecture, interior design and art. As such he has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his “spatial interventions” as well as for design objects such as lamps, wallpapers and tables, etc. His work is characterized by a privileging of materials and textures; he plays with architectural elements such as walls and benches; or lighting and artworks such as murals, glass elements and sculpture; all in order to create spaces that are at once elegant and functional.

Izamal’s Centro Cultural de Artesanías folk arts museum

The Centro Cultural de Artesanías is a showplace for Mexican folk arts and complements Izamal’s natural and cultural attractions, developed as part of an initiative by the Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya and administered by a local youth cooperative. The center features a museum whose permanent collection, Grandes Maestros de Arte Popular (Great Folk Art Masters), is part of the Fomento Cultural Banamex’s Apoyo al Arte Popular program.

Other attractions include a Yucatán Hacienda Museum, café and museum shop featuring the Mexican folk artworks by contemporary designers.

Hacienda Ochil, Yucatán.

Ochil’s cultural center was conceived as a multidisciplinary space and creative platform to house and share artist’s and creator’s expressions. Its main objective, as a cultural center, is to bring to the Yucatan important artistic expressions that will contribute to the renaissance of an art movement, taking place in different corners of the peninsula, during these past few years.

The Yucatan is becoming an important center for the creation and appreciation of the arts, re-birthing the Maya love for esthetics, in a contemporary way.