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Florence and the Machine + Yucatan

The new album by Florence Welch was inspired in Yucatan. In January 2015, the teaser "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" was recorded at the Hacienda Ochil in the amphitheater designed by James Turrell and was inaugurated in 2012 with a partnership between Philip Glass and Turrell, entitled "Concert + Intervention" Other Catherwood locations used were Xocnaceh Hacienda Temozon Hacienda.

“Performing on the Turrell stage was an incredible emotional experience for me. It helped me realize the journey I had been on to get there as if I had brought two sides of myself to this place and in this space they could exist together”

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Haciendas del Mundo Maya

“There is a sense of surprise followed by a moment of pleasure because each experience is ripe with different dimensions“

Bonnie Burnham. Former president of World Monuments Fund.


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