A day out of time

Transformative experiences open up new paths.

The experiences that we offer in our Haciendas, as well as the expeditions and adventures that we design, are inspired by explorers like Catherwood and Stephens, we invite you to discover and enjoy natural refuges and the unique cultural mysteries in Yucatán. Feel and discover Yucatán in a different way.

Experiences that caress our senses with the sound of birds, the melody of the jungle, that bring wellness, freshness and harmony of the natural and cultural beauty of these Maya lands.

Experiences designed to enjoy, relax, entertain, discover….

The Wayeb is a Maya concept that means the days out of time, 5 days that were considered out of time, their objective was to adjust the 365-day solar calendar, in which people had a break of their daily work.

Venture to live a day out of time!

“A specialist company with unrivalled access to chic haciendas, private estates and extraordinary artistic projects”

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