Here everything is connected and history is alive, it is continuous.

Here time-space is experienced differently.

In here, nothing is coincidence.

The mosaic of experiences that we offer travelers gives them a tailored design to their trip with a variety of worlds and unimaginable dimensions. Between a cyclical connection of times past and present with an inexhaustible space. Our experiences leave footprints that can be cultivated in a lifetime, irreplicable experiences that dialogue with the spirit and transform it.


Echoes of the past, beyond the monuments, sites and "archaeological ruins", discover the vestiges and maps that reveal the passage of time and cultures, that keep stories of life, their existence, and the different ways of understanding the world and the cosmos.

The archaeological routes of Catherwood, are paths of deep understanding, where we can read the messages carved in: stone, in art and architecture, a revelation that we will understand in conversations with expert guides and local Mayas. A mirror to the vibrant past of a majestic civilization.


The Mayas, their inhabitants, artisans, farmers, herbalists, and culinarians, are great storytellers are masters of conversation. More than half a million Mayas in the Yucatán peninsula preserve their traditions and a language, that inspires respect and love to their roots.

The Mayas open their doors for us, to transmit us the softness, respect and nature of their culture, which lives today through traditions, festivals, recipes and activities of their daily life.

Adventure and Nature

The Mayan jungle and its majestic trees, the symphony of singing birds or the fresh breeze, are the true hosts of Yucatán. Their colors, sounds and scents. Cenotes, jungle and sea -hold, nurture and guide Mayan life.

  • Jungle explorers.
  • Diving adventures.
  • Exploring caves.
  • Bird watching.
  • Habitat of flamingos and mangroves.
  • Swim with marine species and whale shark.
  • Sport fishing.
  • Watersports.


The experience of tasting flavors and textures that we find in local dishes are intertwined with stories. Our travelers, beyond savoring the local gastronomy, explore the culinary tradition of Yucatán. Ancestral recipes of the Mayans that were enriched with a colonial style and international ingredients.

Cities and Towns

The cultural diversity that forms the maya identity manifests itself in the integration of the signs of the past. Majestic architecture in villages and towns, with great colonial monuments, monasteries, maya ruins, and haciendas are held between squares, lines and borders of transition and tradition.

  • Mérida.
  • Campeche.
  • Izamal.
  • Valladolid.
  • Maní.
  • Uayma.

Living the Haciendas

The restoration and revitalization of our haciendas and villas has been the inspiration to offer the traveler a space of pause and introspection, a portal to the Mayan culture. The different haciendas and villas of the Mayan route offer diverse architectural, cultural and natural experiences; its vestiges, gardens and towns, invite us to travel back in time and learn about the stories that these spaces keep.

To inhabit a hacienda is to enter in another rhythm, to penetrate the past that is recreated and to live the present with the experiences of the traveler.

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