Events and retreats

Events and Celebrations

“For the joy of being together. Architectural rescued haciendas and traditional houses with other forms of cohabitation are incorporated into the region. Haciendas become learning centers, gardens to celebrate, places of retreat, cultural events and spaces of creation.”

Weddings, celebrations and family gatherings:
The majestic haciendas as well as the more intimate and cozy are extraordinary hosts for celebration, ceremonies and gatherings. Large, small and simple, the haciendas and Catherwood private places will produce the dream of your life.


The Haciendas invite for renewal, regeneration, inspiration and creativity. We design programs for groups of friends, families, organizations, or work teams.

•Creation and artistic expression: Ideal spaces for learning contexts to create and environments for introspection and creative thinking. Business organizations and corporate groups.
We design retreats guided by artists and facilitators skilled in techniques of creation, creative expression, integration, collective intelligence and collaboration.

• Wellness of Body and mind Between the jungle and the sky, become detached from the fast-paced world we inhabit on a daily basis. Return to simplicity, with the intention of total relaxation, clearing the mind and deeply resting the body.
Focus and energize yourself.
We design retreats of Yoga, meditation and self healing with renowned teachers of various traditions and techniques.
All retreats can include bird-watching, cooking classes, knowledge of the Mayan world.

Cultural events

Deepen into the Mayan culture, and rooted in the cultural work that Catherwood offers to its travelers.
We offer programs, workshops and courses that explore the multiple dimensions of The Mayan Culture of the past, from its cosmology, archaeology, botanical, traditional music, to the Challenges of the Present.
From above, short ancestral tissue roads, from below the long walk from the steps of the traveler, the short counts, long counts of the Mayan times.

OCHIL Cultural Center.

A cultural window, opens to the world different manifestations of the active community of the Yucatán peninsula, a space of meeting and coexistence between national and international cultural expressions.
A space to meet, recognize and reconnect, a platform where collective creativity emerges and generates the diversity of the roads of movement.


We design experiences and encounters for observers, travelers and explorers searching for discovering, feeling, understanding, enjoying, relaxing, dreaming...

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