Mosaic of experiences

The mosaic of possibilities that Catherwood offers to travelers, gives them the option to design their experience with a variety of worlds and dimensions to their route.

Expeditions, encounters and adventures

Echoes of the past, beyond monuments or sites. These archaeological landscapes, encrypt life histories, forms of existence and understanding of the world.

Our Archaeological routes are pathways to the past. through Art and architecture, we explore in conversation with experts and local scholars, the Mayan cities, their history and hidden wisdom, as mirrors of the Cosmos in a continuous dance with humans and nature.

The peninsula hosts thousands of archaeological sites that record the evolution of a social and spiritual thought. Scholars of Mayan culture continue to enrich our knowledge and allow us to share with travelers the richness of this civilization.

The route of Stephens and Catherwood

•Sacred architecture: Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Mayapán
•The path of the stars: Route Puuc, Labná, Sayil, Uxmal
•Origins: Xocnaceh and Aké Ruins
•Monumental expression: Calakmul, Hormiguero, Río Bec


The Mayans, craftsmen, farmers, healers, masseured , cooks and storytellers are great masters of conversation. More than half a million Maya in the Yucatán peninsula still speak their language and keep traditions alive.

Mayans open their doors to us, and transmit the nature and softness of their culture and essence that inhabits their every day life, in the traditions, festivals and way of being.

•We arrange visits to workshops of artisans, homes, orchards, healers and herbalists in towns and villages as well as conversations with archaeologists, artists, scientists.

Adventure and nature.

The Mayan jungle and its majestic trees, the symphony of singing birds or the fresh breeze, are the true hosts of Yucatán. Their colors and their times, their sounds and scents. Cenotes, jungle and sea, hold, nurture and guide Mayan life.

•We design Adventures of diving, cave exploration.
•Search for Jaguars and swimming with marine species.
•Sport fishing and bird watching.
•Contemplation, enjoyment and discovery of botanical gardens and jungle.

Taste, gastronomy.

The experience of local dishes and the flavors intertwine stories, the traveler sits at the table and starts the exploration of the culinary tradition of Yucatán. Enriched with the flavors of the ancient Mayans and the integration of Colonial times.
As stated by the renown Chef René Redzepi “The sophisticated simplicity of these array of the different spices and ingredients derived from the corn and the Mayan Patio, reclaimed the deliciousness of a perfect and sustainable culture”

•Imagination and recipes of the Milpa “cornfield”, the edible forest, the backyard and the sea.
•We organize cooking classes, visits to the forest, Mayan gardens and courtyards

Cities and towns

The cultural diversity that forms the maya identity manifests itself in the integration of the signs of the past:

Majestic architecture in villages and towns, with great colonial monuments, monasteries, along with traditional homes, are merging day by day with contemporary life styles.


Living in the Haciendas

Restoration and revitalization of the haciendas has been the pillar to offer to the travelers, breaks and relaxation spaces during their expeditions. The different haciendas along the Maya route offer a diversity of experiences, cultural, architectural and natural. Its vestiges, gardens and towns invite the travelers to feel the sensitivities of the stories that keep these spaces alive.

Promptly located between the paths of the Mayan world in the peninsula.
Inhabiting a hacienda is entering into another rhythm, penetrate a past that is recreated and living with the presence of the traveler.

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Tour programs

The routes are suggested and customized according to your interests. Combine
exploration in Yucatan with a few days of rest in the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean


We design experiences and encounters for observers, travelers and explorers searching for discovering, feeling, understanding, enjoying, relaxing, dreaming...

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